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What the Heck Is StumbleUpon?

In a nutshell, StumbleUpon is often a click-able button that you can now add-on to their browser. Whenever you visit this ! Magic happens the other interesting, different and new can have up on your screen. That’s it. It’s pretty addicting let me tell you. You can keep pressing that button to discover something totally new whenever. It’s a New artist thing to find out to see each and every time you push that button.

The motto of StumbleUpon is…”StumbleUpon helps you discover and share great websites because you click”

With all of the new crack houses getting larger, is StumbleUpon still a viable source to advertise your web site? I read a current article which stated that StumbleUpon is getting 1 billion stumbles a month now. Wow!! That’s pretty remarkable for the site that doesn’t boast nearly as many members as Twitter or Facebook nonetheless they do still have a very respectable 15 million which can be absolutely nothing to be sneezed at. Another thing too is the fact that you’re finding fans and new people out there which are searching for this kind of stuff. Ever find yourself saying, “I need some new music to concentrate to” or “what new artists are out there they nobody finds yet?”. StumbleUpon could be that tool to discover them or one to present to people trying to find it.

Why is StumbleUpon cool for musicians? Here are 2 reasons…

1. StumbleUpon is a tool to learn in order to find songs. That being said it makes it possible to get discovered. You can submit your videos, website pages, blogs, streaming tracks, etc… to StumbleUpon. If it’s over a webpage, the knowledge can be stumbled. If you submit a website, you will find there’s change that thousands or lots of people will see your stuff. The better the data, a lot more likely it will get viewed. People can give your site content a “thumbs up” by clicking the “thumbs up” button with your browser (you must enable StumbleUpon within your toolbar). You can also submit URLs to StumbleUpon. Go to this url:

2. StumbleUpon is the one other way to discover sharable data and information. Need ideas for your site or Facebook? You can set your preferences in StumbleUpon and initiate stumbling as outlined by your preferences. StumbleUpon really is a great tool to find new information and achieving new fans. It sparks creativity too so just have some fun. Surf around and see new things.

I must warn you. Stumbling is highly addictive. With every one of the vast information on the internet, it’s easy to keep clicking away while you waste your day away. You’ve been pre-warned.

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