The Dubai Ladies Open looks like an awesome tournament with top ranked players present at the start – People of Progress

The three-time Grand Slam champion Angelique Kerber will experience difficult contenders which actually involves 8 extra members from the world’s top 10, led by reigning US and Australian Open champ and world No .1 Naomi Osaka..

Kerber is tremendously looking forward on her 8th trip to Dubai, nonetheless it will likely be a hard event trying to fight virtually all the Top 10 tennis players present on the official draw.

The world No 1 is going to engage in her first contest since her triumph in Australian during the WTA Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships this current year and it should be her 1st without Bajin in her corner.

The reward money for the WTA Dubai Ladies Open is definitely the most significant reward money for any Premier 5 tournament, according to ITG Tennis.

Petra Kvitova is the 2nd most valuable tennis player according to the WTA ranks and she is going to be present in Dubai in 2019.

Considering that no 2 seed, Kvitova might face Osaka in the final in the event that both tennis players win all their previous games, we may have a reprise from the Australian Open 2019 final in Dubai.

Due to Naomi Osaka still getting back from an injury and Kvitova not in great shape, there might be a few big upsets along the way this year in Dubai.