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Homemade cucumber lemonadeHot weather makes not only adults but also children extremely uncomfortable. Using air conditioning is the most effective solution especially for families with children, including infants.

However, this time also recorded many cases of children with upper respiratory diseases, the parents said that caused by the use of air conditioning. Is this right?

? What is upper respiratory tract disease?

Respiratory tract infection of the acute infection of the respiratory tract caused by the virus is a combination of sore throat, rhinitis, laryngitis, sinusitis, cold.

Living environment is polluted by dirt, exhaust gas … is the leading cause of disease. This is one of the most common illnesses with high admission rates, especially for the elderly and young.

Prevention of upper respiratory tract infections:

With respiratory diseases, the body is very uncomfortable, the treatment is quite annoying, expensive. Therefore, you should actively prevent the risk of disease, keep clean hygiene, limit the risk of virus infection:

– When you go out, you need to wear a face mask, especially when going to crowded public places;

– Clean hands with bactericidal soap before eating and after using the toilet;

– Do not work, play in places that are too hot or too cold; Note when eating cold food (ice cream, ice water …);

– Supplement vitamin C to enhance the body’s resistance.

? Notes on the use of air conditioning to avoid respiratory infections

To avoid respiratory diseases caused by improper use of air conditioning, you should note the following:

– Do not allow children to heat shock due to sudden temperature changes: for example, điều hòa nhật bãi do not allow children to go to the sun in the air conditioning right or vice versa, but to adapt to the temperature slowly.

– Keep the temperature at a reasonable level. The temperature difference is only 8-10 degrees outside, 27-28oC is the most reasonable. When used only if you see too much you should adjust the wind speed optimally to feel cool faster rather than lowering the temperature too.

– After bathing children should dry dry, sweat dry and then bring children into the air conditioning.

– For infants, sleeping in air-conditioned rooms you can give your baby a thin leg to restrict the cold.

In addition, you should also care about cleaning and maintenance of air conditioning periodically to ensure stable operation, bring fresh air. Air conditioning should be maintained from the beginning of the hot season to the best operation of the machine, while avoiding peak times may be difficult when calling a repairman. All inquiries, please do not hesitate to call the hotline 0975159046 for advice.

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