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The brand of Codeclouds Technologies is spread across the web because of many different reasons.

Codeclouds Technologies is now a sub-brand under CISPL or Codeclouds IT Solutions Private Limited and it is gaining quick reputation due to employee comments, CISPL branding, Freelancer profile, Flickr photo sharing, and catchy Youtube & Vimeo videos . Let us understand how Codeclouds created brand identity on web.

Agen Judi Bola Terbesar: Video Judi PokerEmployee Rating of Codeclouds Technologies

How past employees rate Codeclouds Technologies? A comments / feedbacks on states that Codeclouds Technologies is a prestigious place to work. For example a professional .NET developer praises the work culture of Codeclouds Technologies really ideal for working.

He also states that the company has a habit of promote their employees quickly. The past employees regret for leaving the company. According to an employee’s feedback, there is wide scope of working at the company. Codeclouds Technologies presently handles e-commerce sites (payment gateway, shopping cart), online marketplace, WordPress customization, Joomla, Magento, affiliate marketing for different trades of online business. Also employees praise about the CEO’s down-to-earth attitude and good behavior with employees.

They give positive feedback about the project managers’ technical knowledge. According to them, the motivation comes naturally through the fat checks, performance appraisals, free technology training and good motivational speech from the admin.

CISPL branding

Codeclouds Technologies is recently branded as CISPL or Codeclouds IT Solutions Private Limited . Codeclouds Technologies is now a sister-concern of CISPL. This transformation has helped the company to extend its brand image in front of its clients and business associates. 

Flickr photos is an interesting place to share your photos. The company has created its professional portfolio with photos on Flickr . This strategy has helped visitors to get glimpse of Codeclouds work samples without visiting its site.

Client testimonials

Codeclouds has moved ahead from the testimonials in text forms. Visit its Vimeo pages or its Youtube business channel to know how clients become enthusiastic while telling about Codeclouds Technologies. But if you still prefer to see the clients’ testimonials in text forms then visit Freelancer page of Codeclouds .

More information

Sharing information never stops for Codeclouds Technologies. The company information page on tells The project costs, manpower, Judi Poker brand building approach for the company. Marketing spread is very much necessary for every web brand to sustain and promote its business.

Codeclouds Technologies is just a strict follower of this ideology.

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