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When we did a Whois Search on Health First Technologies, we noticed that the company domain was originally registered in January 2003, so the company has been around a while. The CEO of this company is Michael Bianco and it’s headquarters is in Carson City Nevada. Their primary business is offering Nutritional Products through MLM Marketing. When I first visited their websites, I noticed a popup right in my face that wanted me to reserve a position at their 1st Leadership Empowerment Summit through a website link or an 800 number.

On the left side of their website, it dynamically displays the last 10 Enrollees. Right under that there are two testimonials, one from Tony Short and Rick Erickson about how HFT has changed their life for the better. As far as the products go, we first noticed the Healthier You Product Pak which consists of Goji, Noni, Mangosteen and Acai which all have created major pokercc Network Marketing Buzz in the last few years. After viewing some of their other products it appears this company has a pattern of using a combination of these types of ingredients so what they have when used together in combination is positive effects on the body. They also mention that they sell only 100% Fruit Juice with nothing artificial added, including sweeteners, colors, sugars or waters.

Health First Technologies has a unique compensation plan that offers no money down and no interest for a year and you can still receive their products for a full year through their unique Product Finance Program. On the company website they offer more information on their Finance Program. They also give you the ability to earn 2D and 3D bonuses, Powerline Power Pools and Leadership Bonus Pools. The company calculates and pays commissions each five days once you reach $20.00 or more. If you’re an International Rep, they’ll send the money you earn to your paypal account. If you’re in the United States, they will send you a check through the mail and only charge 55 cents each to process it.

One of things we liked about the Health First Technologies MLM Compensation Plan is that you can break even with just 2 active referrals and if you bring in 3 people you can profit over $100.00. So the key to coming out ahead with this program is to make sure you get your 3 people as soon as possible. The company has training calls five times a week which will give you a chance to find out what some of their successful MLM Reps are doing to build their enterprises. This company even has a revolutionary Web 2.0 System in place to drive lots of autopilot traffic to your website.

They claim that this system is one of a kind and nothing like it exists anywhere else. The traffic is driven to your Personal HFT Marketing Website you can send your prospects to so they can get started with HFT as well. And there are no minimums of recruiting so many people every pay cycle just to get paid. Even if you get your 3 referrals over 3 months, you’ll still receive a commission check at the end of the pay period in which you made the sale.

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