Giving Tuesday – People of Progress

“Grandpa, I’m hungry!” For many grandparents the response would be “Sure sweetie, what can I get you?” But that is not the case for Grandpa Jim. He has been raising his two young granddaughters on a $900/month SSI income. Each month is a stretch; he plans and budgets and scours for the cheapest bread and peanut butter he can find.

Jim came to People of Progress the Monday before Thanksgiving for emergency food.  He needed help but was fearful of applying for aid; fearful that they would put his granddaughters in foster care because he was an old, single man.

Our Food Bank and Resource Center has helped over 3,000 new clients so far in 2017. Three thousand new members of our community who were hungry or homeless or fearful. Three thousand new members of our community who needed our help.

To date, People of Progress has served over 175,000 meals. We have served over 850 children and we have helped increase benefits for those eligible by more than $100,000.

Your support is crucial to our success. Will you consider making a gift to help a family like Jim’s?  To help individuals and families provide for their children, grandchildren or other family members?

As always, we are deeply grateful for your past support and would be equally grateful for your support today.  People of Progress is doing important work in Shasta County, and during the holiday season, our work grows.  We hope you choose to support People of Progress and will make your gift today.

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