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I was in Staples the opposite day looking at paper clips. David Smith, one of the lecturers involved, says he is aware of he’s stereotyped as a Southerner, and admits that he stereotypes Northerners. In altering their perceptions about minorities, the students of Whitwell also changed perceptions others might have held about them. That America has been divided by pundits into blue states and red states does not imply there aren’t good-hearted people dwelling in all places; in a time of divisiveness, there’s something innocently naive in regards to the paper clip mission, which transforms a foolish mountain of paper clips right into a small town’s touching gesture.

A student, nobody seems to recollect which one, stated it was impossible to imagine six million of something, not to mention Jews who died in the Holocaust. That led one way or the other to the notion of gathering six million paper clips movie questions answers clips in one place at one time, as a tribute to the victims. The challenge began slowly, with a clip right here and a clip there, and 50,000 from one donor, after which the Washington Publish and Tom Brokaw obtained on the story and by the time Whitwell’s third group of eighth graders were working the mission, that they had 29 million paper clips.