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If you’re looking for something a little more unique and maybe a bit cheaper then this is the way to go. You can get him his own personalized beer mug. These mugs are just like the kind you would get at the pub. They hold 25 ounces and have the sturdy handle. On the mug it says #1 and any title. So you could have it say #1 husband, #1 dad or anything else that you would like. Along with that you can have two lines printed below the name making it more personal.

If this man is more of a bookworm type, buying cool best man gifts may be more difficult. Always elegant and always needed is a specially engraved bookmark, made of fine metals such as gold or silver. Other ideas are personalized book ends or a special copy of his favorite childhood book.

Create customer loyalty and longevity with this winning strategy. The options are endless. For example, “CD of the month” club, “restaurant of the month” club, etc. These programs work best when you give significant discounts in exchange for a long-term buying commitment of your products or services. What creative ways can you adapt this strategy to your business?

Surprise him by bringing back his ugly, tattered lazy boy from storage. Let him put a foosball table in the living room. After all, he lives there too. Even if you have to explain away the fluorescent eye sore that is his favorite St. Pauli’s Girl beer sign every time company comes over. Every time either of you look at it, it’ll remind you of how much you love each other. And, it won’t cost you a dime (although I might throw in dinner to boot).

For a real non-sentimental gift for the ex boyfriend try a small gift certificate to a restaurant in the local community. If you choose this gift, make dead certain the money amount for the gift certificate is only enough for his meal. By doing this he should not get any ideas about you being interested in him again, and understand this is just a gift and nothing more.

One of the best gifts might be a one-way ticket to the Sahara Desert. Now this would definitely be characterized as non-sentiment! Just joking, so getting to some real suggestions, why not give an annual subscription to a beer of the chicago t-shirt? This is an excellent idea for an ex boyfriend, because it is definitely non sentimental, and most men like beer. Men like to try different types of beer so a different beer every month would have the ex boyfriend looking for the next arrival. If the ex boyfriend likes wine better than beer, then there are wines of the chicago t-shirt from which to choose.

There are many types of coffee drinkers in the world. Everything from the casual coffee drinker to the connoisseur who may pay hundreds of dollars for the rarest of beans from the most remote locations, and must have their coffee flown to their door for instant gratification. One such coffee, and a personal favorite for me, is Kona Peaberry coffee. I have it flown to me from Hawaii. Unfortunately, my friends have found out my secret and now deplete my supply of Kona Peaberry before I can get my fair share! As you can see, you have to assess the level at which your coffee mania exists, and only then can you decide which coffee delivery services are right for you. For example, if you like to have variety in your life, you may want to sign up for the coffee of the month club.