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The design of the aquaponics system will depend on the available space, climate and the type of fish you plan to raise. Here are several important design considerations to examine and understand before getting started.

Once the ammonia has been decomposed by the bacteria, nitrates are then produced. Nitrates are considered byproducts which occur naturally in aquatic systems. Nitrates are good in small amounts but they can harm the biological system because it will encourage unwanted vegetation to grow.

There are many ways to grow plants in water without soil, called hydroponics. This can be as simple as growing a plant with the roots in a jar of water in front of your window. Or more sophisticated systems that pump water and nutrients to through grow beds. Plants can even be grown with their roots in the air in a nutrient enriched spray mist, called aeroponics. But a method that may be growing faster than any other is fish aquaponics.

commercial aquaponics

Just in case the thought has crossed your mind. Yes, you can eat the fish. You have the best of both worlds. Fish and vegetables for your meal plate anytime you wish.

Many garden plants really do not need soil and will grow just fine without it. As long as the roots get plenty of water, nutrients and in some cases oxygen, they can grow very well. Hydroponics is a way to grow plants without soil. Bu typically, hydroponics uses chemical fertilizers and tries to create a sterile growing environment. The results are often vegetables that are low in flavor, or have a chemical flavor, and it can be a lot of work keeping the nutrient levels just right in the water.

A garage or even a spare room in your home can be a great place to get started. No need to rent an industrial space to get started. You can get started in front of a sunny window or a small greenhouse in your back yard. If you don’t have access to these things, artificial grow lights will work, although they add to the cost.

Aquaponics is good for commercial farming and is also becoming popular with home gardeners, and even for growing plants indoors. You can build an aquaponics system very easily and they are easy to maintain.


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