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Survey of Homeless in Shasta County

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2004 Homeless Survey

Shasta County Homeless & Imminently At-Risk of Homelessness Survey
City of Redding Shasta County Homeless Continuum of Care Council -- COC

The COC meets monthly and works collaboratively to help better serve the wide spectrum of homeless people in our area. You can find more information on services and organizations at their website, shahomelesshelp.org

POP designed and coordinates this survey program because we believe that collecting in-depth information about local homelessness allows programs to better serve their client/customers. Facts about the range of needs and characteristics of people who are homeless, are essential to educate the community. With good information, we can develop and implement good strategies so that the incidence and duration of homelessness is lessened. With good information we have found out that many stereotypes are incorrect.

Problems that face individuals and families who are homeless are severe and often complicated but they can be solved. People can pull themselves out of homelessness with the help of targeted community resources and a lot of their own hard work.

A count was conducted nationwide in January 2005 on two designated days. This produced unduplicated statistics locally and nationwide for that winter time period. In Shasta County, local teams organized by the COC covered homeless camps, transitional residences, shelters, and service providers and collected information in the most comprehensive effort ever done in our county. This survey found 682 individuals who were homeless, 242 of whom were children. Total number of households was 331 with only 101 households in shelters, institutions or transitional housing.

The COC’s year-round homeless survey is conducted by People of Progress.
The figures below are unduplicated. Key facts from the 2004 survey include:

3,598 total individuals representing 2,300 households were homeless at some point during the year and 3,187 total individuals representing 1,260 households were imminently at-risk of becoming homeless. Of these, 1,121 children were homeless and 1,456 children were at-risk of imminently becoming homeless. The total of homeless and at-risk was 2,577 children.

Of the 2,300 total households who were homeless, 69% had only one-person and 27% of households had children

Approximately 300 people are classified as “Chronically Homeless”
(having a disabling condition AND either homeless continuously for more than a year or homeless 4 or more times in the past 3 years)

Most people (60%) were homeless at the time they answered the survey for three months or less.

The top two reasons (36%) for becoming homeless were: loss of job and/or loss of income.

1,145 had no healthcare provider

22% were employed, 45% had no income, 19% had SSI or SSD or SSA

48% have lived in Shasta County for 2 or more years

Only 33% were staying in a shelter at the time they answered the survey questions.
46% were camping or staying in a vehicle and 23% were temporarily able to stay with friends of family.


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