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This year we will help 11,000 people with food for over 180,000 meals, provided 10,000 free clothing items, 1,800 emergency bus passes, 5000 community maps and resource packets and hundreds of blankets, diapers and personal hygiene items. We assist hundreds more people over the phone. Listening to clients, assessing their situations and opportunities then providing referrals and ideas helps them form a game plan to move forward.

We are the designated partner to provide clothing and other items for One Safe Place and Empire Recovery Center clients.


We are the trusted information resource throughout the county through our online and printed community resource materials relied upon by many schools, organizations and agencies. Helping everyone navigate to the right agencies for their needs, saves time and has creates the best outcomes.


Every day clients come to us who are unaware of resources and strategies that will help their family become more stable. Often they are misinformed or have been misinformed.

Each week a few clients come in who are grandparents with custody of their grandchildren. Their own income is a bit above the income limits for cash aid but they came in to our food bank because they didn’t have enough food for their new expanded family. They are unaware that though they themselves are not eligible for SNAP Food Stamps or income assistance, their grandchildren very likely are. Often there is Cash Aid and Food Stamp assistance of $500 monthly for two children. What a blessing this is to sustain their household and keep it healthy.


POP serves 1,200 people who are homeless each year with food, clothing, socks, blankets, personal hygiene items, referrals and emergency casework.

In the 1990's, POP sponsored and supervised the Armory Winter Homeless Shelter for five years -- the only shelter allowing people to have shelter for the entire winter. This shelter closed when the Governor no longer allowed Armories to be used as shelters.

Homeless & At-Risk County-wide Survey Project:

Between 2003 and 2012, we designed and conducted the yearlong and on-day Point In Time homeless surveys for the City of Redding Shasta Homeless Continuum of Care Council. This provided detailed information for government agencies and nonprofits for reporting, for use when designing or modifying programs and for grant applications. An accurate picture of demographics and needs helped programs serve clients better. The system we designed was able to capture 26 questions with 200 sub category responses which allowed us to see a full-spectrum picture of various categories within the homeless spectrum. For instance, we could sort our form our data how many female veterans with children were unsheltered, or how many male single parents were in shelter or living in a car. This sophisticated information was better than most other communities and fit HUD’s criteria to triggering the maximum funding amounts available to Shasta County. The reason it was so much better than other communities was that many organizations could participate because it was easy to use and clients filled it out themselves if they were able to. Once the $5,000 initial cost for software was expended, there was little annual cost in time of upgrades. The current systems now required by HUD are so expensive and so difficult and time consuming that most organizations simply cannot participate. It is not possible. For example, one agency required to use a new system enters 40 people a year into it form the grouping of clients that they are required to register. In contrast, People of Progress has 6,000 different people each year. It is not possible to use such a system by our organization unless we hired another employee. We’d rather put limited funds into serving clients.

We've posted results on our website under the "COCC Homeless Survey" button at the left.


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